Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finished Products October-December

Happy New Years Eve!
While I battle the beginnings of yet another cold to welcome the New Year, I hope to blast the last two final posts of 2013. Admittingly I did not want to post these final empties as they are a bit sparse, but I just need to wrap up the year with a count of finished products!

I'll try to keep it short and sweet many of these are repeat products.

For skin care I'm sure you all will recognize a few familiar products.

Olay Moisturizer for Sensitive skin, Thayers Toner, and Neutrogena Cleanser have all been avid hero's in my skin care for the year. All are staples for me and I see myself continuing to use these products for the next upcoming year. Not pictured is a bottle of Bioderma, another staple, and finished product. I tossed the bottle during my move. 
A large bottle of Moroccan Oil was finally used up. This took nearly the entire year to use up and I loved it for my hair, but I have recently been using something in it's place which I love even more! Future details to come. I still recommend Moroccan Oil for the hair and am glad I was able to discover this hair savior. 
For misc. skin care I've used up a travel bath and body works shower gel ( these are good but only when on sale are they worth the $), a clarasonic brush head, and a dr. brandt eye cream. Honestly this eye cream had like 2 uses in the sample and I recall nothing about this product. I doubt I was wow-ed.
Chanel's Ultra Correction eye cream was a surprise sample. This tiny tube yielded over two months worth of eye cream for night. I really felt this working on my fine lines and was surprised at how much I enjoyed this! I would consider purchasing the full size- though I have heard Chanel skin care is full of silicones so I will have to check the full ingredients list prior purchase. All in all, a great feeling product, and excellent sample.
Lastly for misc. under body and skin care is the Sephora brand express nail polish remover which I love. I heard it's quite bad for your nails from other reviewers but I really never found anything outside direct acetone to remove my nail polish in one literal swipe. One cotton pad can remove polish from all 10 fingers with this stuff. I buy back ups during the annual F&F sale, and still continue to love and use this.

Make up time!
I finished quite a few mascaras these final months.

The Maybelline One by One Mascara was possibly the best mascara I tried this year. I loved the length and definition this provided with just the smallest but noticeable amount of volume.  A definite repurchase! After the falsies flared, this is my second favorite from the Maybelline volume line.
Majorlica Majorca Lash Primer was something I purchased in Asia. When my beloved Shisiedo lash primer changed their formula I started shopping around for replacements but this is not the one for me. This provides extra length but zero volume, and makes eye make up harder to remove than my Shisiedo primer. It's a good product if you are looking for length but zero volume for me. I would not repurchase this. 
Mally's Volumuizing Mascara was an excellent product to enter into the Mally brand. This mascara provides great volume and curl without smudging. The only negative is this is a bit hard to find.  I purchased mine from Henry Bendalls in NY, and it can be found on QVC, but otherwise it is a bit hard to just grab and go. I still would recommend this, and found it an excellent product.
YSL Shocking mascara was unfortunately for me a let down. I heard so much hype about the volume of this baby and so many people claiming it as their HG, but I disliked this product for a few reasons. First, it's super wet. I was constantly removing almost all the product from the wand each time I used it. If I skipped this step, my lashes would fall instantly after being curled due to the weight of this product. This product was also insanely frangranced. It was reminiscent perfume, and irritated my eyes to a level where I was unable to finish this mascara due to the amount of irritation. I would not recommend this mascara if you have sensitive eyes, and do not like wet mascaras.

Along with mascaras, I was able to finish off three lip products.
The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecor in 01 was something I am so happy I finished. It took forever to get through this. I believe there is more product in this tube than most glosses, so if you feel it's expensive you are getting more product than average. This product is very hyped and I just found it to be ok...
It's pretty and sheer with some shimmer which is only visible in certain lights. It's non sticky and I think that's the key reason so many people love it. I do not see myself purchasing another one of these, as they were not the end all be all gloss I was expecting but I still enjoyed using it. This is excellent for everyday wear where no fuss or mirror is needed.
Revlon's Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya, which I think is the prettiest color of the lip butter line! Nice amount of sheer pigment, glowy without shimmer, and hydrating. I loved this all summer and it's one of the few shades I will get again!
Lastly for lip products is the Sugar rose lip balm. This is a smaller size but I have gone through two of the full sizes in the past. These feel nice on the lips and some of them such as the rose shade have a sheer but pretty pigment. I do think the full sized versions are over priced, so I recommend trying these in the multiple sample kits Fresh provides for these lip balms.

The last finished make up product I used up but is not pictured is the NYX eye brow cake in Taupe/Ash. I highly recommend this eye brow powder. I think the powder lasts all day, the price is amazing, and they have a good variety of shades. I am currently trying the Anastasia brow powder since my NYX finished off, but I prefer the color of NYX, so that is the brow powder I will be repurchasing once I finish the Anastasia.

That's it people! The last empties of 2013~ !
Let's hope for plenty of new product testing and empties for 2014!
Thank you so much for reading these though the years, and I hope they were helpful!


  1. Wow! You finished a ton of products! I really like the fresh lip balms too, but I think they're too expensive for what they are. A not-bad dupe is the nuxe reve de miel. It's a great balm that I've been using all year!

  2. Excited to hear what you love more than moroccan oil! :)

  3. Great empties, love writing and reading about them :)

  4. ahhhh i have been wanting to try reve de miel for years but have no idea where to buy it in person :( i dont like buying things online booo

  5. it shall all be revealed soon!! :D

  6. awww thank you i hope you find these helpful!

  7. Good work! I love how your skincare looks the same with each empties, shows you have found good products that just work for you

  8. I have the Moroccan Oil as well that I need to use up. Great job!


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