Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Liese Prettia Hair Dye Review and Demo

When it comes to hair dye I am a loyal but late customer. I always choose colors which are slightly lifting to my natural hair color because not only do I still want to look like me, but I'm the kind of woman who knows they won't go for a touch up until the roots have shown for a good hmm two months? LOL. 
Yes, when roots begin to show on me, guess who notices? No one! ( I think)
That's how adventurous I am with hair color, but color it I do. I prefer a darker brown hair on myself as opposed to a near black. I think it softens my features and makes my sometimes very pale face less of a contrast with my dark hair - personal taste. 

I have been a loyal fan of Palty Hair dye for years but my recent shopping trip left me to find it out of stock in all the usual locations so I bit the bullet - and remembered I already payed the bus fare to make it to the store and purchased a new dye. A bubble dye! A new-er style of dying your hair which claims ease and great results.

Here is the dye I chose - there was no English on the box but I think it's called Glossy Brown- according to Google.

Now some of you may see the color of the hair modeled on the box and scream the other way, it looks a bit orangy. I assure you, if you have dark hair it won't look anything like that photo...
I've chosen hair dyes with a barbie blond on the cover and came out with a chestnut brown!

Now here is my "Before" shots before the dye. 

Sorry if my hair looks greasy, I just finished Blogilates before these photos - the holiday waistline came early this year! But since you need to wash your hair to remove the bubbles I figure I might as well make the wash worth it.

As you can see my hair in the sun is more noticeably brown but in no way un natural and looks almost like highlights depending how the sun hits it. 

When you open the package of dye you are presented with the below.

The instructions are all in Japanese but trust me, the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Now put on your rattiest T shirt - because dye will get on it and cover yourself up with a towel. I have a permanently ruined T shirt and towel I use every time I dye my hair, to contain this mess within my wardrobe. 

Before beginning if you like you can cover your hairline and ears with excess moisturizer so if any dye touches your skin it is easier to remove - I chose to omit this step.

You are provided with a pair of latex gloves and you will now add Bottle #1 into Bottle #2

The instructions show not to shake the dye but to turn it upside down, I did this a few times.

Add on the pump and squeeze the bottle. The bubbles should come out with ease. 
I found this very convenient. Without having to press down on the actual pump but squeeze the bottle makes it far easier to dye your own hair without the assistance of another person.


Now, just whack it on!

I actually had excess hair dye and was just trying to use up as much as I could. I have medium length hair. This was another surprise, usually a box of hair dye barely can cover my head because I have semi thick hair but this had excess which I found very handy.

Now bubble up your head, don't be shy with it, rub it in and create your best Marie Antoinette hair style impersonation.

The instructions state to leave this in your hair for a period of 20-30 minutes.
This is when you really need to periodically check your hair to see when you wish to remove the dye. I knew 20-30 minutes would not color my hair to the desired shade I had in mind so I left it on for 55 minutes. The change is not automatic, so if you are nervous about the color you can keep checking your hair line and hair, but remember taking the dye out too early may lead to very little results so just keep a close eye on the transition. 

When you are ready to remove the dye you need to shampoo your hair thoroughly- warning, afterwards you will need to clean your bath tub - this is just the truth...

You are provided by the brand a packet of conditioner to help repair your hair and lock in moisture that may have been stripped from the dye.

And voila!
Here is my "After"
This is in indoor lighting but by a window. Still wet.

Natural but lifted no?

So what are my thoughts on the bubble dye?

Easy to use with the squeeze bottle, instructions, and excess hair dye product 
Decent range of colors

Can be hard to find in store but can be purchased online
Strong dye smell
Left my hair feeling more damaged than my normal dye - this is with the understanding that I left the dye on my hair for longer than the requested period
A bit more pricey than my normal also Asian, hair dye

I like bubble dye!
Though my hair feels a bit more drained than from my normal previous dye jobs I think it's nothing a good moisture hair mask can't fix in about 2-3 uses and I think the color is decent. 
Though I prefer the hair color of my normal brand, if I can find an equivalent shade in the bubble range I would use it again. The bubble method is far easier than the traditional method of combing the dye through sections of your hair.

I would recommend this brand but would warn about the dryness left on the hair.

Have any of you tried bubble dye? If you have tried Prettia, any good color recommendations?


  1. I really like this on you. I've never dyed my hair before but I would go for this if I do! :p A good hair mask will help you, and you're all set =) Thanks for the review!

  2. Oo I've been thinking of dying my hair a dark brown for so long. I'll have to look into this line when I finally decide to dye my hair :P


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