Monday, December 2, 2013

New In: Black Friday Purchases and a few Life Updates

Happy Cyber Monday y'all! The kick start of the holiday shopping season has begun with full swing. As I attempt to avoid my inbox full of fabulous sale offers I thought I would show the few new items I snagged on the discount racks this weekend along with a bit of a life catch up. When was the last time I did that? 

First up are a few new items I snatched up during the sales.

I'm not one of those dedicated midnight shoppers, more power to those who are! I'm more scrolling about online and wandering around aimlessly to see if there is anything I like. I basically have no plan and hope for the best! I usually walk away with nothing but not year:

A new GAP snood

Perfect ankle boots - J Crew

I STRUGGLE with ankle boots ladies. Not only am I not particularly tall but I have wide calves so ankle boots can sometimes emphasize my lesser favorable parts, but J Crew called this the "Perfect boot" and I am in love. The height and simplicity really is what I have been looking for while still is flattering on my form. 
I admit tingly fell more in love with the grey suede version- those are GORGEOUS, but I couldn't spend the $ on suede, not when it rains and snows so much here - but I will gladly take the leather version which was already reduced in price-score!

A few knick knacks to go with our ever growing house to home. These look very cute in our bedroom and match our current bedding. I will most likely use the mini bowl to hold everyday jewelry pieces and the pitcher to hold what I imagined a small bundle of baby's breath. How sweet would that be in a bedroom :)

Now for the life catch up. 
I have fully moved into my new apartment with my fiance and while little things are still needed - some things take time to find, our home is pretty much all unpacked and ours. 

 The kitchen has the most amazing light in the morning as I cook breakfast.

 We wanted a home with alot of light so all our windows are facing direct sunlight and I can watch the mot amazing sunsets every night from my living room.

I never get tired of these.

This past weekend we took a mini road trip to New Hampshire and Massachusetts where we stayed in Boston. We love visiting Boston but realized we always come in the winter when it is freezing! Though our teeth were chattering, we were happy to be back in bean town!

We stopped by a restaurant for dinner to avoid all the crowds in Quincy Market and discovered we had actually entered the oldest restaurant in America. Ye Olde Union Oyster House est 1826!
This place was really cute!

Before leaving the city I had to collect my souvenirs!
I have been collecting the city Starbucks cups for a few years (3?) and love new additions to my collection!

One day I'll try to take a photo of my whole collection which is daunting as they are mostly all in their boxes, but a new fun fact about me! 

Tonight we will be decorating our first Christmas tree together which will get me in the holiday moooood! So with that, let's all have an amazing December!



  1. Oh my gosh...oysters!!! What a fabulous view from your new home. And what a relief to be in, I'm sure, after such struggles with moving out of your old place. Congratulations!!

  2. Thank you! oh yes that old place, im still waiting for my 1 month deposit grrrr but at least i waiting in a nicer place!

  3. I love that you collect those Starbucks mugs haha! I do that too, but I haven't been to anyplace new lately LOL. That's what I get for going back to LA again and again! ;) Yay to your new place! I want to see more pics!

  4. Hi J,

    LOVE This post! Love that you found the perfect boots at J.Crew! I've yet to purchase footwear from J.Crew --- I really should try them out for size, at least!

    And of course, I'm so excited to see your Starbucks mug collection --- it's fun trying to recognize the Boston buildings emblazoned on each mug :)

  5. Happy December! Those boots are an awesome staple piece that match with everything :) Congrats on the move! Your apartment sounds lovely and it must be exciting to decorate a new home with your fiance ^^ I've only been to Boston once but I really want to go again. Was thinking about doing a New Hampshire/Maine roadtrip sometime... maybe early next year. Where did you go in New Hampshire?

  6. What a beautiful view from your new place! I hope you enjoy the holidays there. I love the Starbucks city mugs too! Need to start collecting too xx


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