Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Finest Waving Wand in all the Land!

For years I have struggled with my pin straight hair. Especially when it comes to the hair category most desirable, but for me the farthest from achievable. The "Effortless" Wave.
Effortless? HA! That's a crock!

After years of trying curling irons, twirling with GHD's, sleeping in buns, and wrapping my hair in fat ribbons I gave up on the perfect Lauren Conrad-esq wave look.  Don't look at me like I'm the only one. Google her, more specifically her perfect hair, and tell me it's not a bit enviable.

In my continued search for such a wave I came across the best tool to achieve this California style wave on my wind swept Big Apple hair.

Under the titled company of Babyliss in Europe, Conair or whatever name you call it, kinda rules the drugstore hair styling hot tools world, and this my dear readers, is a winner.

This clip less iron has brought me 1 step closer to achieving that great wave effect on my hair.

Below are the effects:

Immediate effects- I do the whole curl away from your face and the barrel upside down jazz

Initial waves are big and bouncy. I avoid curling the ends of my hair and wrap them all together in the beginning so they can try to hold their shape if I want them to stay all day. A spritz of hair spray and I'm off after a bit of finger combing them apart for a looser feel.
It feels a bit old fashioned kingdom in the first stage without a little hair ruffling to make it more modern looking. 

For a more beachy vibe, some salt spray can also be added at this step.

3 hours later. Tucked into a scarf and jacket and removed twice.

Looser feel, far more natural and what I am going for.

3 further hours later

Still loose and more lived in. Most likely my ideal state. This is my hair after being in a scarf and coat 2x more times. It was a busy day...

At the end of the night

The waves have died down into just small bits at the end, but I am satisfied with the result. When you have very straight hair, holding a curl is not an idea you hold on to.

I've tried several styling tools for hair, many from Conair, most of them good, but this is by far my favorite. 
Hope this mini showcase helped a few women out there reach their effortless hair dreams!


  1. so pretty! can u do a video tutorial???

  2. could you be so kind to give the exact model number because the link in the post is not valid :(


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