Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Few Favorites

My short list of current favorites

YSL Glossy Stain in #11 Rouge Gouache
My go to lip shade for the weekends. A little concealer, mascara, and this. "All done!"
Think MAC's Girl About Town with a touch less fuscia (more pink) in a glossy stain formula. Just as bright and pigmented but with a bit more hydration. I blot this down a bit to tone down the high shine but keep all the color. Lasts for hours on me, and fades into a fuscia berry stain as the day goes on.

Gummy Vitamins
I'm FINALLY eating Vitamins everyday and it's so easy when they are in gummy form! No more chalky dinosaur sized pills. I eat the Vitafusion Women's Gummy Vitamins and they tastes pretty good! So good I want to eat more than the recommended two a day. I eat them at night after dinner like a dessert and works like a charm. Add gummy vitamins to your daily routine for an easy step towards better health.

Laura Mercier Steller Eye shadow
Detailed review can he found here, but a barely there non fuss sheen color. I'm all for those!

Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne
Not new to my collection but after all the wintery musky and powdery scents, this one is making me ache for spring to arrive!

MAC's Moleskine Eyeshadow (LE)
I snagged this at my CCO, and I loove it. I personally love this more than MAC's Wedge to which it is often compared to. This one is a beautiful soft milky chocolate brown with a hint of pink. I don't own a brown like this, and would highly suggest this shade the next time it is re promoted.

YSL Summer Bronzer (LE)
I won't go into details with this one because when I purchased it, it was on the tail end of being off the shelves. After becoming addicted to Guerlain's Mosaic bronzer, I always now seem to keep a bronzer with peachy tones for my all over face color powder. 
A bit more color concentrated on the cheeks, and sheerer applications on the contours of your face for an all around beautiful shade that helps warm up the skin.

NYX San Paulo Matte Lip Cream
I honestly think if you want to wear a bold color, but are scared of the incredibly loud effect, go matte.
For some reason matte lips tone down the drama effect, and the NYX versions with lip balm before hand have great color pay off for a fantastic price!

Rimmel's Santa Rose
Review coming soon! Very sheer red peach brown shade that is a great drugstore find, especially when snagged on sale. Mini shimmers found in the shade bring the cheeks to life. I love it especially with a specific brush which will be revealed soon!

MAC's Redhead MSF (LE)
While all the new highlighters on the market make me run to the counters for the light infused swatches I have been sticking to this MSF for everyday. I dug into my stash and have been using this as my daily highlight. I mostly use the champagne side for everyday which has quite a dent in it now, but swirl all the shades together sometimes for a peachy almost verging on coppery cheek shimmer.

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Rose 
My only Laura Mercier gloss, ahem "glacé" but this one is amazing for the colder season. A  face brightening sheer red with a tiny amount of shimmer. Not too sticky, and my go to for after work to just pick up the tired face. For daytime if this is too loud I pair this with a lighter pink gloss on top and it looks great.

And that's it!
I'm eagerly awaiting spring and ready to use some brighter everyday shades, but for now these are my current loves. 
Any new great product recommendations for next season?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Rookies

I swear by normal make up routines. Weekend and holiday change ups are fun, but a regular routine is just for me. The below are some things that are more new to my new collection but I see could be core pieces for the rest of the year.

Mason Pearson Brush: I have a coming review of this product against the Sonia Kashuk counter part but in brief this is the clear winner. Expensive, but I have been using it daily, so that took off the edge slightly on the high cost. I love how easily this brushes through my hair, and leaves is super shiny and soft. I keep this in my bag daily to just brush up!

L'Oreal Telescopic: How I missed this all these years in the drugstore is beyond me! Absolutely, my new favorite drugstore mascara. A position that has not faltered for a decade. This is the only mascara that I think looks even BETTER without my Shisiedo mascara base. Black, lengthening, and beautiful separation with curl. Vivianna was right. The US could definitely do well with the waterproof version which we lack!

Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer: I have used the oil free version, and I think this "normal" version is noticeably different. The oil factor being the obvious difference, but this one seems more blend able and the coverage seems higher to me. I don't use this often because it contains Castor oil and I'm afraid of a negative reaction but for a quick errand day this is quite nice.

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer: Laura knows her primers. This one adds a very nice glow to more matte wintry skin. I also love these sample versions, they last ages!

Trish McEvoy blush brush: My first Trish brush! ^^ I purchased this around Christmas time for myself and I love it. I definitely don't think it's a must have, and the eco tools one works wonderfully as a budget option, but this one just distributes product beautifully across the cheek. Especially those of extremely high pigment. A con is you do have to build up shades that are not incredibly scary but I am in love with the mini lucite handle and happily will use this for years.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector: Full review found here. Though I don't agree with the hype, I have always thought this was very pretty for everyday wear. 

Shisiedo Foundation brush: Purchased during the tail end of 2012 I finally bit the bullet and purchased this after years of debate. I don't use it for foundation, it's so darn small. I actually use and love it for concealer but a warning, this is a nightmare to clean!

Eyeshadow loves, typical me shades.

Clarins Nude: Gorgeous smooth texture of just a bare lid shade. Invaluable in my collection. If it came in a pop out form and was portable for palettes I would use this daily over MAC's Brule my former love.

Burberry's Almond +Mulberry (not shown): I'm sorry, I know they're pricey but they're just superb. All the shades. Stop by a counter neutral lovers and you will find a color you can't leave without.

Laura Mercier Steller is my current new "go to" shade. I apply it with a MAC 224 for a super sheer wash of just barely there sheen, my favorite kind of shade for day time.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucnet Powder: More Laura Mercier! After trying the Chanel loose powder and having a whole tub left I could not pass this up during the site sale last year, and let me tell you. Worth the hype! I prefer this over Chanel's and find this to give the most perfect finish.A new staple!

Chanel Lash Curlers: I have been very faithful to my Shu curlers for years and even snagged some back ups when I went to Asia, but I had heard the sleek black Chanel ones may be limited edition? I decided to grab a pair. It's different. You need less pressure to create the curl, and the shape is more curved. I actually prefer the Shu for my eye shape, but I can see why so many ladies have fallen for these black beauties.

A quick recap on some of the last things I hauled in 2012 and have been using, but expect a true favorites post coming in the near future! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lovely Days

Have you ladies been missing my Iphone life snaps?
I apologize for a lack of these posts but between Chinese New Year, a random snow storm resulting in a foot of snow, and a minor cold, the days have just whooshed by! 
The last few days have been just a complete scramble to get over a little cold I had earlier this week to fully enjoy the upcoming three day weekend! ^^
More snow is reported for tomorrow, WHY!? :(

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy belated Valentines Day!

The weeks prior I couldn't help but notice all the adorable offerings being sold .
Chocoholics should be happy!

I received this cute one from my mom

But on the actual day I received - too much! I was so happy at work, the day flew by far quicker

I actually normally would not share these types of stories, but I only did because my poor boyfriend went out on his lunch break to bring me my one Valentines Day request which were macaroons from Ladurée only to encounter this line! 
I guess many women asked for the same...

(photo credit: My boyfriends iphone!)

He claimed that after he left the line got even longer! It's all men! No lunch break for him!
 I felt so bad, but he hand delivered them to my work place so I was over joyed :D
*Apparently for anyone in the future, you can just call in ahead and pick it up at the front.*
Lesson learned.

We celebrated Valentines Day tonight with dinner

The only other catch up was Chinese New Year
All my photos were of food! 
This was the only festive shot I had. 

So those are all my current updates that I have had for the past few days!
Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short Beauty Tip #6

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I have never been a hair person.

Though my hair has always been quite minimalistic in effort, I have always envied women who are able to do the everyday wave. Effortless, not too beachy, soft looking, and feminine.
Since I am rushing about as it is in the morning, I could never imagine fussing with "a do"

Recently though I decided to give it a try.
Weekend of course. I doubt I will ever be sporting this in the office, but I will show you a hair trick I picked up when I realized after attempting the Lauren Conrad effortless waves 
(which is the farthest description from the truth) 
that I didn't even own hair spray!

How to hold your curls without hair spray.

Step 1:  Curl your hair.
I can't even begin to tell you how to do this, I can barely do it myself but here is the video I watched a la Lauren.

Step 2: Brush your curls out. I have heard the results are better with a wide tooth comb but I used a normal brush.

Step 3 is the tip! 
I always curl my hair going outwards from my face, I believe this is the general rule so after brushing them through, as they cool twist them all together in the direction they are facing and tie the ends.

Do this for as long as you are able. This is when I did my make up, had a cup of tea, and waited around.
This will make all the waves look more uniform and heading now not only in the same direction but having the same type of shape and movement.

Here is my hair when I released the hair tie.

Here is my hair about 7 hours later. Still holding the waves, I actually prefer it this way, looking more relaxed.
I have no idea why my hair looks red here, it looks no where near this color in real life.

And that's it!
I don't use hair gels or mousses in my hair, I just put on a bit of heat protectent spray and do the twist!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cooking with Lil Lady Life - Soba Noodle Salad

One month into 2013, yeah!! 
How is everyone’s health resolutions going thus far hmm?
I have always noticed that most people who set forth a large amount of health resolutions begin to lose steam around February. They burn out of excitement, lose focus due to lack of incredible results, and begin to drown their sorrows in chocolate with the arrival of Cupid, and claim “Next Yr!”

This year is still at it’s beginnings! And today I will be sharing with you a very healthy and filling meal to keep you charged and satisfied to keep working towards your goals!
A Fitness Friday recipe!

This is a refreshing chilled pasta dish. My version of pasta salad without the mayo or normal wheat or white flour pasta with a lot less cooking time! Great to bring in for lunch during the warm weather months, or a fast meal any time of the year.

Soba. You ever have soba?
They’re noodles made of buckwheat flour. They can be served hot or cold, are very reasonably priced, and cook in about 3 minutes.
Faster than any normal pasta!

All the cooking required in this recipe will be 3-4 minutes max! The hardest part is all the chopping – which is pretty fun!

Step 1: Place water in a pot to boil the noodles. The amount will depend on how many servings you are going to make.
Soba Noodles usually come packaged in bundles, I usually eat half a bundle, but if I am very hungry a whole bundle!  

Step 2: Gather your vegetables, there are no set vegetables you have to use, just make sure to try to get a good arrangement of vegetables, textures, and color. More color means more health in salads.
I have below butter lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, part skim mozzarella cheese, avocado, sunflower seeds, and cranberries.
Use whatever you have in the house! This is a great way to use up leftover random produce.

Step 3: Add the noodles to the boiling water and cook until done (3-4 minutes)

Step 4: Drain your noodles and run it under cold water.

Step 5: Mix your salad and soba noodles together to create your fresh pasta salad! 
For dressing I add in Salad dressing. ( I like easy cooking ) In this case I used Greek Vinaigrette but Balsamic is also good. Try to pick a non cream based sauce. It will taste fresh and light. 
I also love a little Tabasco for a kick.
Mix and enjoy!

*TIP* If you do not eat this dish right away and bring it with you for later consumption, I recommend you carry the noodles in a separate container as they have a tendency to stick and right before eating just give them a tiny dread of water to become loose and fluid again for the pasta salad. Easy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beauty Products Countdown of 2013 – Products 1 and 2

Four days…four days into February, a diet I started on the 1st of the month and already a product down, but when I saw this, there was no hesitation.
I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Rimmel Scandal Eye Pencil–in Nude.

On day five, enter a fan girl moment of support and Cream Soda blush was added to the pile.
*Throwing hands in air*

Rimmel Scandel Eyes Review 

Raved about by the lovely ladies across the pond, this lil fellow finally arrived states side so I'd thought it would be high time to put him to the test.

My beloved MAC Chromographic pencil in NC15/NW20, now available on the MAC website but the formerly limited edition product has maintained a constant space in my makeup bag. 
Competition time.

MAC is on the left, and Rimmel on the right.
The MAC pencil is a bit brighter, the Rimmel a touch more peach.

I applied the MAC pencil on my right eye, and the Rimmel on my left eye.

MAC: First applied

Rimmel: First applied 

For creaminess, Rimmel wins. It just glides on easier than the MAC version which is a harder consistency and drier (mine is significantly older). Opacity is tied, lasting power will be the main event.

Fast forward about 4.5 hours

Looks like a bit of my tight line transferred but you can see the MAC pencil more in the inner corner only
This photo does not show case it well but there was a faint nude line across my eyes, just incredibly maintained in the inner corner area.

Ignore the random green lines of light. 
You can see the Rimmel evenly on the waterline.

Long lasting Winner?
By the slightest margin MAC out ran the Rimmel pencil, but I mean by about 1 hour? Maybe 30 minutes. Shortly after these photos were taken the pencils were long gone.
I wore these with contact lenses on, and my eyes are a bit more watery when I wear my contacts.

I re did the test the following day wearing glasses, and MAC still lasted longer than Rimmel.

In the end:
I would recommend the Rimmel pencil over the MAC
Sometimes the MAC can look too bright if layered too many times (may look better on more fair cool skin) The lasting power was longer but marginally. Also the MAC is harder to get a hold of, by either pro store or online.

The Rimmel is smoother, the color is a bit more natural for my skin, and the price is better.
Glad to find a nice nude pencil up the drugstore aisles, I think these types of pencils really are saviors for early Mondays.

Now on to my second purchase
I passed by the MAC window knowing full well new collections release on Thursdays, but my MAC had it on a Wednesday! 
Just went in for a peek ^^ (yeah right)

I was such an Archie's fan as a kid. I still have them all, and cant bear to throw them away
 (Anyone else still have theirs!?)

I was always a Betty fan so only looked at her side of the collection really.
 The Veronica stuff did not interest me a bit.
Though the gloss was pretty, and the Beauty powder was also nice, I only walked away with one item.
 I am salvaging (but at an absolute terrible rate thus far)

I will be keeping the box!

I had seen the swatches on Temptalia for this blush and was luke warm on the color, a bit too milky maybe, but I just couldn't not support Team Betty! (I know, I'm sad!) 
So here is one for the girl next door! 

Anyone else partaking in the Archie's Girls collection?
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