Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lipstick Tag

I've been tagged by the wonderful blogger Kelly! - Thank you for tagging me~!
After stating a potential hiatus I come back with a new post the following day! 
Psh how serious am I??

When I first saw I was tagged I thought "Oooohhhhh........" in a bad way, but you will see why ;)

1.  How many lipsticks do you own?

I had to count this twice, and I'm mortified to admit...seventy seven...
I KNOW.... and you know what the worst part is? 
I don't even like/wear lipstick- obviously a realization I found out long past submerging myself in the colorful tubes. It's just fun and easy to buy, the colors are just so pretty in the store you know 
- oh, you know~! 

But amidst all this beautiful madness comes some kind of order.
 Some of you may know I have quite a collection of make up but only use a portion.
I have 77 lipsticks ( still balking at the number - this does not include balms and glosses... no one tag me on those please, I need to maintain some dignity) but I counted and only 22, yes only... 22 are actually opened and used by me through the year.
I don't know if that saves me from complete humiliation, but there you go.

The first photo are some of my lipsticks on that are on reserve, the bottom photos are ones actually in use and in rotation.

2. What is the first lipstick you owned?

My very first lipstick was gifted to me, half used by my lovey mama. It was Revlon's Rosewood. I would wear it on special occasions and feel quite gown up.

The first lipstick I ever bought for myself was when I was 22, it was Dior...554 Pink Protege I believe was the name. Long discontinued but I still have that tube- fully used up. One of the best lip stick colors I ever bought to be honest. A real shame it's gone. It was a winner.

3. What is your favorite lipstick brand?

I'm going to have to go with the original brand for me, Dior.
I LOVE Dior lip products in general, every single Dior lipstick/gloss I have ever purchased I have actually finished. My favorite lipstick mentioned above, and my favorite lip gloss also from Dior have both been discontinued D:
Am I cursed or what?
No matter, they still have an amazing range and selection for me to pick new favorites.
All the more new to try!

 4. What is your most worn lipstick?

A blogger favorite, NARS Dolce Vita. A MLBB shade. A very comfortable formula, and the shade seems to flatter just about everyone. A no mirror lipstick that is like a saftey blanket for the everyday woman's lip.

5. What is your favorite finish?

I like lipsticks that are a bit glossy. Then I don't have to do the whole gloss step because I'm lazy. I don't really like lipsticks with glitter or shimmer in them. One pure shade with a little bit of slip on the lips and a bit of shine. These are the types I prefer for everyday.

 But if I go bold, I don't go home so long as the shade is matte.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought?

I have no clue... I haven't bought a lipstick in months but I THINK it was Dior's Charnel Lipstick in 459

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?

Damn. The truth is I usually have one,  two max, one being chap stick...but last night I was "cleaning" up my bedroom and threw all the random lip products from all over my purses and house into my bag to "tidy up" so currently I have these nine in my bag...again not normal for me!

FYI the Lunasol lip gloss is amazing- great opacity, and non sticky. 
Shade 11 Neutral Light Beige is picture above
8. What is your favorite red lip color?


NARS Red Square and Cruella Matte Lip Pencil, along with MAC's Runway Red (LE).

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

I have a drawer in my IKEA Alex that houses all my lip products. The ones that I have not used are in the back with their boxes, and the ones I am using are in he front ready for the grabbing. Once I finish a shade, I just reach to the back for a new color.

10. Which lipsticks are your currently lusting after?

Though I said I am not a huge lipstick person- you can tell from all the evidence in this tag... I still lust after those pretty colors in those damn convenient tubes!
I am currently wish listing MAC's Lady Danger,  NARS Heatwave, Revlon's Strawberry Suede 
(discontinued), YSL Sheer Candy in Dewey Papaya, and Rimmel's Notting Hill Nude - Why the US did not receive this color in the Rimmel line up is my question!

And that's it!
A self confession tag on another drawer in my make up collection ;)

I tag:  Kari, Mandy, Tiffany, Danielle and Emma to join the fun!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara Review

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. It happens from time to time for everyone ( I think..?) 
But I came back today to share with you a current new love of mine, from Clinique.
You will have to excuse the photos, my proper DSLR is having a charge tonight, so the iphone camera will hopefully do justice to highlight this beauty of a product.

I had heard alot about this mascara from some of my favorite beauty ladies on YouTube and tossed it into the Sephora basket this past F&F sale.
Having liked the original Clinique High Impact mascara, I was quite excited to see the "Extreme Volume" part. 

When looking at the wand it reminded me of Cover Girl's famous Lash Blast, and the now oh so popular "They're Real" from Benefit. This wand looks to a bit larger/wider than the Benefit version but the resemblance is still there.

I don't know what it is, but these spikey plastic bristle type mascaras seriously work.

For formula of this is quite wet, but thankfully very black. 
I usually use only one coat on top of my standard Shisideo mascara base.

Here is one coat:


Not too shabby eh?
Quite a pretty day time mascara, I'm sure two coats would add enough drama for night time.
In comparison to Benefit, this does not seem as lengthening as "They're Real" but provides more volume for my lashes. I honestly tried Lash Blast years ago and recall nothing about it to compare outside the wand shape.

Initially I was not huge on this mascara, a bit too wet right from the bat which seemed to bring my curled lashes down, but I've used this for a little under a month and I am loving the formula now that it's aged a bit.

Let's hope I receive some inspiration soon for a blogging come back!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Easily Impressive Baked Eggs

 Remember my last post when I showed those delicious fluffy looking pancakes? 
Well, confession time. 
After that day guess what I had for breakfast afterwards? That's right. 

Now that I have successfully satisfied that craving, I decided to be a bit healthier for a few days to make up for the sweet stacks topped with yummy syrup. ( It was totally worth it by the way)

An instagram favorite, baked eggs in avocado.
Far easier to make than many would assume.

1. Cut a ripe avocado in half, and scoop out some of the inner portions of the avocado the"meat"
2. Crack open an egg and pour it into the exposed centers.
3. Bake in a pre heated oven of 470F (220C) for 15-20 minutes, until the eggs and portions of the avocado's brown.
4. Add salt and pepper to taste!

Easy right?
The only tid bit of warning I have is to be careful of your egg size. The above photos was one full egg which was big enough for both my avocado pieces because I buy extra large eggs.
Other than that, bake this beautiful and healthy breakfast idea to get a fresh start to your week!

Happy Monday all!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips for Perfect Pancakes

This morning I woke up with a "craving"
Cravings, are powerful things. They can inspire you to get up from bed, put on ten layers of clothing to resemble an Eskimo, and go to the supermarket half asleep to be satisfied.

Fast forward to my kitchen and today's satisfaction.

Pancakes were what I wanted - behold my short stack:

A few tips on how to get fluffy perfect pancakes:
1. Using a non stick pan helps -alot. I chose a smaller pan to better centralize the heat.
Drizzle in enough butter or oil to cook your cake. Add just enough to cook your cake and not let it stick, too much will result in very brown almost burnt looking edges because the sides can become deep fried.

2. Keep the heat pretty low. On our stove I keep the heat on a steady "3" out of 7. Cooking it slow will let you see the bubbles appear in a calmer manner and have a higher chance of the perfect golden brown color.

3. Keep them small. Having large pancakes can lead to un even cooking where one side is more done or more brown than the other. I use an ice cream scoop to keep my cakes small and fluffy!

Top with desired toppings and enjoy! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When it Snows, make Something Pretty

Brrrrr it's cold today! 
It seems like everyone I know online and in my real life has gone into a hibernation mode. The cold has moved in and we have all been left to bundle up, and arm ourselves with warm drinks all around!
As I drink my portion of endless cups of chamomile tea, I curl up in my fuzzy blanket and continue with this month's obsession. Crochet.

I started the "Something Pretty" crochet pattern last month. It's quite a popular Pinterest inspiration pattern for crochet and craft lovers. 3D flowers in gorgeous colors fill in the Internet usually in a sea of glorious white.
It's favorited all over my Istagram feed for perpetual inspiration, and progress shots as I go along on my own feed pushes me.

It took me over a year to start-the project because it took months for me to it figure out - I'm very slow to read those darn patterns, but I finally got it! and now, the obsession has begun.
Not to an unhealthy level, but all this snowed in time needs to be used productively no?

I love to crochet in the morning in bed with the sunlight our room receives.

As the weather continues to snow and rain, my blanket grows.

Let's all pray I finish this before 2017, but in all honesty, if it takes that long, it will just be all the more special at the end.

And lastly...
A few photos of last night's close by the water.
Can you spot Lady Liberty?

Stay warm my dear readers!! 
For those of you currently basking in the sunshine- please feel free to send some over! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

MAC's Fairly Precious MSF

 2014 has just kicked off and is it possible I already have a new favorite product?

I have been loyal to my MAC's Soft and Gentle highlighter for the past few months, but with the release of the MAC Magnitude collection, and the promise of Extra Dimension highlighters, someone had to take a peek...

Described by MAC as a “peach with dimensional pearly green.” This can be used as a blush and/or highlight which is what I have been favoring for everyday.


When comparing Fairly Precious against Soft and Gentle you can see the differences in the swatches.
Soft and Gentle has more of a white beige reflective sheen on the skin. Fairly precious gives off a peachy thus more warm sheen that flatters my warm skin tone better. It looks to work more in synergy with my skin, and less obvious but still has the reflective effect I love for everyday use.

MAC describes Fairly Precious to have a green ... you are able to catch the green in the pan under certain lights, but on the skin, I do not see it translated.
 *Note* All swatches are heavy

I find the texture of Fairly Precious to be smoother than that of Soft and Gentle, and slightly softer.

 On the skin, I think this is one of the most natural highlight shades I have found and could not be more excited to have found this.
On paler skins I have seen people use this as a blush, but I prefer the lighter finish and highlighter purpose. 
2014 has already begun with a beauty win!

On a semi unrelated note, like many make up lovers at the turn of the New Year "streamlining" seems to have been a big resolution I saw across a few blogs. 
Meet my new everyday make up storage. I love it. 
The whimsical characters, the daily reminders I require to try to remember all the lyrics to the classic song, and perfect sized storage for my everyday slap.
Getting this 50% off during the post holiday sales only sweetened this little tin.

Let's see how long this little tin can hold before I add in a few additional compartments ;)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December in Pictures - the End of 2013

I used to share small parts of my life from my iphone photos on my blog.
 I noticed I do this less and less now a days, not from lack of photos but truthfully lack of life.
Though I may no longer show my weekly updates here are some of my favorite snaps from the last few weeks celebrating the holidays, and enjoying the sunsets from my new home.

Here is to perhaps starting a new collage category on my blog for 2014!

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