Friday, January 3, 2014

MAC's Fairly Precious MSF

 2014 has just kicked off and is it possible I already have a new favorite product?

I have been loyal to my MAC's Soft and Gentle highlighter for the past few months, but with the release of the MAC Magnitude collection, and the promise of Extra Dimension highlighters, someone had to take a peek...

Described by MAC as a “peach with dimensional pearly green.” This can be used as a blush and/or highlight which is what I have been favoring for everyday.


When comparing Fairly Precious against Soft and Gentle you can see the differences in the swatches.
Soft and Gentle has more of a white beige reflective sheen on the skin. Fairly precious gives off a peachy thus more warm sheen that flatters my warm skin tone better. It looks to work more in synergy with my skin, and less obvious but still has the reflective effect I love for everyday use.

MAC describes Fairly Precious to have a green ... you are able to catch the green in the pan under certain lights, but on the skin, I do not see it translated.
 *Note* All swatches are heavy

I find the texture of Fairly Precious to be smoother than that of Soft and Gentle, and slightly softer.

 On the skin, I think this is one of the most natural highlight shades I have found and could not be more excited to have found this.
On paler skins I have seen people use this as a blush, but I prefer the lighter finish and highlighter purpose. 
2014 has already begun with a beauty win!

On a semi unrelated note, like many make up lovers at the turn of the New Year "streamlining" seems to have been a big resolution I saw across a few blogs. 
Meet my new everyday make up storage. I love it. 
The whimsical characters, the daily reminders I require to try to remember all the lyrics to the classic song, and perfect sized storage for my everyday slap.
Getting this 50% off during the post holiday sales only sweetened this little tin.

Let's see how long this little tin can hold before I add in a few additional compartments ;)


  1. This is so pretty! I love the texture of the extra dimension highlighters, so smooth & pigmented. Really wish I'd picked one up! xx

  2. That highlighter is so pretty! It kind of reminds me of stereo rose, but less 'chunky' if that makes any sense!

  3. This looks unbelievable when compared to soft and gentle! I may be considering it now... thanks a lot, J ;)

  4. I only have one MSF and it's Stereo Rose which I really like, but rarely use. :-) I do like the shade of this one though so I may swatch it and see how it fairs on me!

  5. Love that tin - super cute! I decided to avoid highlighters that aren't pale gold, but the peach does look beautiful on your skin.

  6. I agree with Kelly does look like a more refined SR! I don't reach for these shades in winter because I am way too pale but I can see this looking gorgeous with a slight summer tan. Love that tin xx

  7. Wow that looks gorgeous! I love its rosey gold hue!

    x Tashi

  8. I have been lost with mac products lately, this looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I swatched it and it's soooo pretty

    annie |

  10. Hi J,

    I love your Christmas tin! How fun is that! Both Soft and Gentle and Fairly Precious look so pretty against your skintone :)


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