Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips for Perfect Pancakes

This morning I woke up with a "craving"
Cravings, are powerful things. They can inspire you to get up from bed, put on ten layers of clothing to resemble an Eskimo, and go to the supermarket half asleep to be satisfied.

Fast forward to my kitchen and today's satisfaction.

Pancakes were what I wanted - behold my short stack:

A few tips on how to get fluffy perfect pancakes:
1. Using a non stick pan helps -alot. I chose a smaller pan to better centralize the heat.
Drizzle in enough butter or oil to cook your cake. Add just enough to cook your cake and not let it stick, too much will result in very brown almost burnt looking edges because the sides can become deep fried.

2. Keep the heat pretty low. On our stove I keep the heat on a steady "3" out of 7. Cooking it slow will let you see the bubbles appear in a calmer manner and have a higher chance of the perfect golden brown color.

3. Keep them small. Having large pancakes can lead to un even cooking where one side is more done or more brown than the other. I use an ice cream scoop to keep my cakes small and fluffy!

Top with desired toppings and enjoy! 


  1. I use an ice cream scoop for our pancakes too! We have "Pancake Saturdays" around here. I sleep in until 8:00 and then mix up pancakes. Lately I've been adding pureed pumpkin and cinnamon. So yummy! Love your tips :)

  2. Yum they look absolutely delicious! Pancakes are one of my favourite foods! We make them much thinner here x

  3. thanks for the tips! i need to get some ingredients to make pancakes now <3

  4. thanks for transferring the craving over -yum!


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