Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When it Snows, make Something Pretty

Brrrrr it's cold today! 
It seems like everyone I know online and in my real life has gone into a hibernation mode. The cold has moved in and we have all been left to bundle up, and arm ourselves with warm drinks all around!
As I drink my portion of endless cups of chamomile tea, I curl up in my fuzzy blanket and continue with this month's obsession. Crochet.

I started the "Something Pretty" crochet pattern last month. It's quite a popular Pinterest inspiration pattern for crochet and craft lovers. 3D flowers in gorgeous colors fill in the Internet usually in a sea of glorious white.
It's favorited all over my Istagram feed for perpetual inspiration, and progress shots as I go along on my own feed pushes me.

It took me over a year to start-the project because it took months for me to it figure out - I'm very slow to read those darn patterns, but I finally got it! and now, the obsession has begun.
Not to an unhealthy level, but all this snowed in time needs to be used productively no?

I love to crochet in the morning in bed with the sunlight our room receives.

As the weather continues to snow and rain, my blanket grows.

Let's all pray I finish this before 2017, but in all honesty, if it takes that long, it will just be all the more special at the end.

And lastly...
A few photos of last night's close by the water.
Can you spot Lady Liberty?

Stay warm my dear readers!! 
For those of you currently basking in the sunshine- please feel free to send some over! 


  1. that is beautiful! how did you figure out how to make that?

  2. That is some beautiful crochet right there. It must feel so good to be making something that can be passed down to family one day - so cool. I got a shiver when I saw the statue in your photos - a sight I would really like to see for myself one day I think.

  3. hmmm actually it was alot of trial and error until I saw it happen, there are no videos online to really show how this pattern is done, but its very much the popcorn stitch to figure it out.

  4. aww thanks! im glad you liked the last photos i had to march in alot of mushy snow and endless puddles of water to get it! LOL


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