Saturday, February 15, 2014

Currently, Clarins!

Happy Weekend ladies!!

After recently looking into my skin care cabinet I noticed a brand trend, Clarins.
Since I normally review the same skin care in my empties I thought I would share a few new additions and as well as old favorites.
For Christmas I was fortunately enough to receive a Clarins gift set ( which I myself pointed to, and said this one!!) Clarins always has some great mini's to introduce new buyers into the brand. Since some of their products are current staples in my skin care routine, I was excited to give some new items a go.

The Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Sunscreen are my HG's for skin care. I am on my third bottle straight of the cleanser and do not wish to veer towards any other brand. The sunscreen is also in my opinion superior to all sunscreens I have tried in the past which includes numerous french brands - The French know their stuff when it comes to food and skin.
Full reviews can be found in the links provided as I have blabbed on about those two for quite some time.


Now on to the newbies!

Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser: I use this about 2x a week in the morning, especially when I wake up and my skin looks either very dull, or quite oily. The beads in this wake up the skin and it is scented with a pleasant orange scent. It does not really foam but can remove the most exterior level of skin debris and leaves the skin feeling fresh without feeling stripped.
In my opinion, this product is just ok. I think the beads could be finer as I think they are quite large in comparison to other gentle exfoliators I have tried, but it's nothing too abrasive. I would not advise daily use unless your skin is very oily.

Clarins Lotion Tonique-Chamomile: I have been trying a string of new toners and I have been feeling quite let down by all of them. This is also just ok. I really don't feel it doing much.  I don't feel as if my skin is more balanced, cleaner, or brighter after using this. To me this is just "another step" product.

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion: This is actually one of the most hydrating lotions I have tried to date. Normally lotions alone are not enough for my skin and I need to slather myself in body butters or thick creams but even in this terrible winter wind, this lotion seems to be helping my thirsty skin. It is very easy to absorb and the smell is not offensive nor over powering. I do like this product and have only used it for a brief amount of time but the tube is quite small for a  body lotion. I am quite liberal with the stuff and would like to see how long the tube lasts to see if I would repurchase.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: Now this is a cult classic for the Clarins brand. I've heard raves about this product in the past but never knew how it worked or what it actually does.
Below I have linked the video I followed to know how to use this properly.

I squeeze a pea sized amount on my fingers and warm them, then just press it on my skin and let it absorb for a minute of so. I immediately saw results. My skin looked brighter and healthier, admit tingly there was some shine. It looked like I just moisturized my face with some incredibly high end expensive cream. It worked lovely as a primer and my skin really glowed through my make up. I actually wore less make up because my skin already looked so much better.

I only used this once, but my initial impression was positive. I have heard using this too often is a negative as your skin can become accustomed to the product and lose it's effects, but in the winter where the skin looks duller, this brought forth quite a surge of life!

Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in 05: Another huge product from the Clarins line. These have an incredible following in the beauty world. They are very pretty and quite effortlessly pretty in fact. The shade 05 does have more pigment than the original 01 I had used in the past. If you loved the originals but wanted more of a shade punch, these new shades might be your answer but I must state they did not bring forth that much color, as these still wish to look incredibly natural as an effect.

My futures empties post contains a few more Clarins samples I have already used up but did not review here as they lasted only one application.

Hopefully this mini review was  quick guide to some of the best from Clarins!


  1. What a great gift to receive! I really need to get a sample of the Beauty Flash Balm...

  2. I like the sunscreen as well but a lot of the lettering came off (like what happened to your Chanel compact) and I had these annoying red bits on my face when I applied my sunscreen.... It was so hard to get the flecks of red off my face :/ I need to try the Beauty Flash Balm tomorrow and see what I think. I used it a few times but wasn't totally wowed. The smell is nice though :)

  3. great choices. I enjoy Clarins products and find them under-rated.


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