Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favorites

For those wonderful ladies who have been following my blog for some times you would probably know two things about me for sure:
1. I LOVE makeup
2. I don't change my make up much....

Here are the few stand by make up products that I have been carrying in my bag for months and have just been loving.

Many of these products have been mentioned on my blog before ( I think almost all...) but due to my mainstay affection to these beauties, you can see what I have been continually using and have been happily slapping on daily.

Chanel has currently been taking up the bulk of my stash these last few months. These few key pieces I have found to be perfect for a quick everyday look.

Chanel's Bronzer in Terre Ambre 63: During the warmer months I can use this sparingly as a bronzer but with winter this stuff looks pretty darn orange on if I'm not careful. Instead of applying this all over, I use the brush provided - which is pretty ok quality and sweep a few swipes of the product on my cheeks. 
Some people hate them, but I actually love orangey bronzers! 
Applying these kinds of bronzers on your cheeks in the winter look more like a peachy brown blush that I prefer. It gives my face a touch of color and so long as you swipe it sheerly on the cheeks- sometimes I apply the remnants on my lids to pull the look together, you will look far from orange, just slightly colored and will be able to use the product year round.

Chanel Pressed Powder in 30 Natural: I've tried quite a few blot powders in my day but this is by far my favorite. There is something about this powder that when applied:
1. Doesn't make you look too matte - thumbs up from me
2. This powder makes you look in one word- "Polished"

I have no clue how it does it but when applied with the perfect brush - Trish McEvoy's Sheer blush brush on just your T zone lightly, this looks sooo perfect on the skin. Just the right amount of a satin finish. I am in love people. 
By far one of the best Duty Free purchases - by far.

Recently I have been attending so many meetings where I have to look very ... for lack of a better word - plain.

This is not to make this next product sound negative in any way, because behold my go to natural blush; Laura Mercier's Wild Bouquet. For those Tarte Exposed, and NARS Doucer lovers, Laura Mercier also has an offering for those subtle apples.

More of a peachy brown option that is very natural and subdue for the office. 
Think MAC's Tenderling but instead of a pink base, think peach.
This peachy beige barely there shade works perfectly with my currently fairer skin to give myself some color, contour, know, all the good stuff!
I also apply this to my lids or crease when I'm rushing around. 

For my lids Bobbi Brow's Sandy Gold has currently been my #1. The color is not unique but it's easy. I apply it with my fingers to just correct and brighten my lids. The shimmer is also very subtle unlike some of my other champagne cream shades. Again, my daily look has been aimed to look quite plain, but I think the term is called "nude make up" now a days!

For the lips I have been wearing religiously Khiels Lip Balm (another favorite but not pictured) topped with NARS Isola Bella Satin Lip Pencil, and a bit of Chanel's Gloss in Genie to top it all off.

The Satin Lip Pencils from NARS get a huge thumbs up from me. Easy to apply, moisturizing, and great color payoff. I add a touch of a peachy gloss on top to make the lip a bit more youthful then blot once to take away most of the shine - Lips that are too shiny can come across as younger than I wish to present myself.

 Last few favorites are the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser which is AMAZING. It makes washing all my brushes so much easier, not just the Beauty Blender but all brushes! I find myself washing my brushes more regularly which is a good habit resulting from this product alone.
The Clinique Extreme Volume High Impact is still my current favorite mascara. 

Last beauty favorites which are not pictured are my Dior Nude Skin BB Cream, MAC's Fairly Precious Highlighter, L'Oreal Linear Intense Liquid Liner, NYX Butter Glosses, and Revlon Color Stay Pencil Liner.

Swatches can all be found on the links provided.

In terms of random favorites I have a current favorite show!
I am not a huge television person but I have been addicted to a Korean program called "Appa Odiga"
I believe it is currently Korea's #1 program.

It's unfortunately not subtitled...sorry :*( 
But if you are able to understand Korean, you can either watch it on tv each week or catch the episodes on Youtube.

It is about five celebrity fathers and their children going on weekly adventures. The children are all adorable and funny!
Thy are currently shooting Season 2 and some of my favorite characters have left the show, but the new kids look just as charming ;)

Lastly is my current favorite YouTuber- Lo Bosworth!
Yes, from the Hills- remember that show?
She's all grown up and living in NY with style and cooking videos to boot!
She has already made me eager to try the NARS Multiples as bronzers, buy thin gold rings, cook steaks in butter, and better my top knots.

That's all for my current favorites!
Please share some of your newest favorites, as I always like to scope out new products!


  1. I've been eyeing Isola Bella again. (I swear some day I will finally buy it!) The Trish McEvoy brush looks so perfect for pressed powder. I always think of huge fluffy brushes for powder, but the shape of that one is calling my name. I have two giant bottles of Dr. Bronner's soap to use up before I can switch for brush washing, but I keep seeing solid bar soaps around the blogosphere. I'm sure it's amazing, just such a switch from my first instinct for brush washing. Love your choices, always chic!

  2. Hi J,

    You've reminded me to reach for my CHANEL Poudre Universelle again. The finish certainly is polished! I love the look of Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet --- it seems that so many colors from her line suit you well :)

  3. glad to find another fan of the powder! i have the loose version but i prefer pressed just for the convenience i think, and i think the loose version looks more matte?
    Laura is my girl! ;)

  4. i used to use fluffy brushes too for my powders but i think it tends to make more look more matte and i just pile on the highlighter! i have a dr bronners soap too but you need so little each time i jut gave up because I was too in love with the solid soap! i think you would really love it!

  5. I'm obsessed with Min Yul and Binnie :) Have you seen Superman is Back? it's on Youtube ;D

  6. I really think I need to try the Beauty Blender Solid Soap, I'm terrible at washing my brushes, it's actually shameful, anything that will motivate me, I'm sold :)

  7. i hope you try it, it makes washing brushes soo much easier!!

  8. i love min yul too! he is sooo funny! i am sad binnie's brother left the show :( but at least the son of the singer stayed he is also very funny.
    No, I have not, what is it about?

  9. Appa odiga is subbed on "kshowonline"!! So sad that Jun and Junsu aren't in the new season :( But minyool is soo cute! :D

  10. Love reading your favorites, girl! I have a similar "simple plain makeup" routine since I work in a Hospital setting. And, thanks to you I feel better about wearing only 1 color on my monolids.

    I've already gone through my first Beauty Blender Solid soap, and I love it! Makes washing brushes SO much easier. I will definitely look at the Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow next time I'm at the mall.

  11. I've been eyeing the solid brush cleanser for a while now, definetly picking that up the next time I'm shopping at Sephora. It sounds like the most practical way to cleanse brushes when you're on a trip (I always just use babyshampoo at home, but no way I'm gonna lug that around on holiday)


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