Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Skin Care Saviors

I think most people will agree with me, when I question "When is this winter going to be over?" Because guess who is soooooo over it? - *Vally girl voice*
They even named it this year, the Polar Vortex can kiss my freezing bum.

Today, and for the last few days we have had non stop rain following previous days of non stop snow.
The weatherman on television stated that the rain was a good thing - it will melt the snow that had completely frozen over.
We have arrived to the point where "that" is the bright side??

With the lack of sun coupled with pretty pathetic weather conditions it has led to women all over the globe to rummage through their beauty cupboards to try to fight this blasted wind and snow.
Cracked lips, flaky skin, dry hair, I know- quite attractive...

Here are the few products I have recently pulled into my winter beauty arsenal to fight mother nature and pray for the return of Mr. Sun.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream: I purchased a small tub of this cream in October. Fast forward to me becoming addicted, slathering my face with this daily, and buying the jumbo large tub of the stuff when I ran out far too quickly. This non fragranced ( thank you!) thick cream is hydrating and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling heavy nor pore clogging. I have pretty normal skin in the winter and the cream version as opposed to the lotion does not feel too heavy.
I will be repurchasing this every winter to come!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask: A hit for me, from a brand I have quite a spotty history with. This is slightly fragranced. It reminds me slightly of lemons? It's quite thick which can be daunting upon first application but I prayed it would not freak my skin out on a day when I couldn't take the flakiness anymore and rubbed it in generously all over my face. The next morning my face looked refreshed and non greasy -whew!
When first applying this you will look quite shiny, but after a few minutes it should all sink it and you don't look as greasy anymore. Sleep with this, skip moisturizer for one night, and wake up skin that looked like it had quite a good drink of water.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream: The Clarins obsession continues!
This hand cream has a pleasant fragrance of baby powder mixed with lemons. Claiming to reduce the look of age spots and conditioning nails it seems like it would be an all in one product. Though I have no age spots on my hands, the cuticles around my nails do seem a bit healthier and less wretched looking as they usually do in the winter - I never wear gloves ( I know that is so naughty) This does leave a slight residue on the palms of my hands but in the winter I do not mind, I need the help and long lasting formulas are welcome.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream: Though I usually veer towards cream with anti fine line or anti wrinkle purposes, once the cold wind hit, and my eyes became so dry I ran to this stuff!
A thin but hydrating formula which is very easy to spread and works wonderfully under eye concealer. A great winter find!

L'Oreal Ever Sleek Hair Oil: A drugstore offering of the crazed argan oil we have all became obsessed with since 2011? Not only does this product smell better than any other argan oils I have tried but offering the same results in my hair at a reduced price means this is something I have been slathering and loving into my poor dry ends this season.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub: This product has never gotten more attention from me. Through the year I am admittingly lazy about exfoliating my lips but in the winter I have been rubbing this on and thanking myself for the purchase. Quickly removing the dead skin and leaving plumper looking lips to apply my beautiful lip sticks without all those gross cracks in the lips. Followed by Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm.
With an  spf 15 and the slight lemony scent this seems to be a very likely dupe for the Fresh Sugar lip balms so many ladies out there love.
Next time give this Blistex a go, at a fraction of the cost and lovely moisturizing results, it is a cheap and cheerful purchase.

Hoping all my lovely readers are staying warm this winter. Let's all ban together and will spring to come-ASAP!


  1. These all sound great, I really want to try the Origins mask x

    Catherines Loves

  2. Oh, I'm sorry winter is so hard this year in NY! :(
    I have the regular Origins Drink Up mask, because I was afraid of sleeping with a mask all night would case me some breakouts or too much grease, but now that I'm finishing it up I'm thinking about getting the Intensive one for next winter.

  3. I need to get some more Kiehl's! I used to love that cream too. Must try that Origins mask! I just ran out of my Avene Hydrating one, so perfect timing! It's going to get cold up here this weekend--27C with the windchill. SIGH.

  4. Oh my gosh seriously when will this stupid winter be over?!?! Chicago had a horrible winter this winter as well and we're all over it! I think I need that mask in my life, never even knew it existed (and I claim Origins to be one of my favorite skincare brands lol!) Keep warm over there lady!

  5. I really like that Origins mask too! I love how it smells. So moisturizing too, like you said. I used to use Moroccan Oil, but ever since I got the L'Oreal one, I stopped buying the original. They work exactly the same for me! Love the LUSH lip scrubs too :)

  6. Oh dear! I forgot how it's like to live under dry cold weather. Using heaters don't help either. Love the BB hydrating eye cream... miss this little guy - nothing else seems to compare. You won't regret getting the full size jar.

  7. I just want to let you know I stumbled upon your blog while looking at MAC blush swatches, and I started going through your other (older) posts...and I fell in love!! Great job, I love your blog, will be following closely via bloglovin'

    xox Style Prosciutto

  8. btw- omg kiehl's ultra facial creme is my LIFE SAVER!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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