Friday, March 28, 2014

Burberry's Almond-The Workhorse

Recently make up has taken a back seat in my life. Not due to a lack of love, but a lack of time.
I wake up about 6:30 am and aim to be on the 7:05 bus. My make up is quick and sometimes pretty non existent. It's just not that important when it's that early in the morning.
After a coffee, I begin to come to my senses and realize I need to make some kind of "effort" 

That's where Burberry's Almond comes in.
My make up bag now carries a few key items that are small in size but pack a punch in terms of usability. 

Within this perfectly packaged compact lays the perfect all over face shade. Yes, that's right, face.

 The color is a neutral brown that can lean warm when applies heavily or if your skin is very fair.

Below is a finger swatch along with brush swatch to show the shade against my current NC20 skin.

Against my skin the shade is perfect for contouring the face, the fact that it's matte is also a huge plus.
Did I mention Burberry's matte formula is spot on? Well, it is.

Armed with my beloved Laura Mercier blending brush-another work horse I -depending on how much I feel like I need- begin to contour.

I begin with my cheekbones, right from the ear to mid jaw, and a bit under the chin. Followed by the remaining powder down the sides of my nose for subtly. I add a bit of the shade to either my lids or my crease, wherever I aim, and where ever the brush lands is more likely. Lastly, if I did leave the house without the brows - rare! I add a bit with an angled brush.

This little shadow is a multi tasking beauty that I find invaluable during hectic mornings. The perfectly beautiful and compact case makes this a very valuable part of my daily routine.

Have you used shadow for other places outside the eyes?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Outfits of the Week

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I aint no fashion blogger...I give them props though...taking photos of your outfit "sounds" easy but the background, the lighting, the lack of wrinkles and stains on your clothes- it's alot...

I've tried taking OOTD photos for the last few weeks only to run into a few issues. Since I lack a permanent and willing photographer, along with not owning a tripod, I realized these mirror photos will have to do...but for all my followers who like these types of posts, I spent a good hour or so of my weekend putting together a couple of outfits I wore over the last few days.

Presenting my current Work Wardrobe:

Sweater: French Connection, Necklace: Zara?, Skirt: Korea, Boots: J Crew, Bag: Mulberry

Quite colorful for me eh?
Honestly, the "inspiration" for this outfit came from something Lucy Watson wore in season 6? of Made in Chelsea - my guilty pleasure (shhh).
Before you think spring has sprung in NY, note when I wore this outfit to work, I was wearing tights so you will have to use your imagination there.
The necklace is either from H&M, Zara, or Mango. I remember seeing it in all three stores but can't remember where I purchased mine from. 
Not the most unique design but classic and trendy as all the shops started carrying this design.

Blazer: Zara, Tee: H&M, Pants:GAP, Boots:American Rag, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Behold the newest additions to my wardrobe and current loves.
These pants from GAP feel like a mix of suede and cotton. The ankle length is perfect for my petite frame, the dark blue shade makes it different from the normal black for work, and with the current 40% off your entire purchase - these are worth a grab!
The booties are a gorgeous taupe shade with belt designs across the sides. I actually have this type of boot in another color but hey, I like what I like!

Blouse: Calvin Klein, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Michael Khors

In retrospect this blouse makes me look quite like a "mom" but when it comes to comfort this blouse delivers. It's oversized on purpose and these black and white blouses have also been in all the shops probably last season?
This is for the big indulgent lunch days.

Blazer: Zara, Shirt: GAP, Pants: GAP, Shoes: American Rag, Bag: Mulberry

As you may begin to see as the list of clothes begin to repeat, I don't have the biggest wardrobe but hopefully this helps show people you don't need to own much to have a perfectly fine wardrobe.
This outfit is uber simple but makes me look put together enough even though I am quite comfortable.
I wear these types of outfits the most in my life, this ensamble, raybans, and top knots, that's me in a fashion nutshell. 

Blouse: Madewell, Sweater: H&M, Pants: GAP, Bag: Michael Khors, Necklace: J Crew

Yes, this is another lazy outfit. What can I say, if I know I'm going to be sitting for 10 hours behind a computer, I might as well be comfortable! This is something I most likely would wear on a Friday to work.

And lastly....
Jacket: Banana Republic, Scarf: Zara
Here is my outfit for the outside world to see.
Don't let the above pictures fool you, when the weather is bitterly cold ( most of the time ) I wear a huge puffy jacket and a knit scarf 3x longer than myself, but when it's past 45 degrees this is what I usually look like.
I'm in love with this mustard colored scarf I purchased from Zara a few months back, it just add's that pop of color I feel like I really need sometimes.

So that's it! I am now crawling my make up less face back into pink pajamas to write this post. 
All the items mentioned above from the GAP and Bananna Republic should all currently be in store and with their fabulous F&F sale going on, now is the time to grab some deals.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Favorites

Two months of favorites in a row- this is something new from me!
I realized I've swapped out enough products from my daily routine to do another one of these - different, but so far so good!

I finally paled out enough to use one of the best foundations I have ever tried. My Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation.This was one of the only foundations I have ever tried where I couldn't believe how natural my skin looked post application and walked out the door with it in my shopping bag. I never reviewed it and there is little point now as this formulation is now discontinued. I really want to try the new version with the improved color selection, but until I finish this bottle it will have to wait.
I apply this around my nose, chin, and between my eyes. I spread it around with my Shisiedo foundation brush and it looks natural and non heavy each time.

Before the foundation I have been applying as a primer either Fresh's Twighlight Glow or Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I apply my make up too early in the morning for my skin to look awake- my body is definitely asleep and these products help me look more alive. The Clarins primer is more of a natural sheen and looks like the skin has been revitalized in seconds. The Fresh version is more shimmery but look fabulous in the winter. The Clarins version feels lighter on the skin than the Fresh. If I had to choose between the two, I would repurchase Clarins as it yields a more natural effect.

If you ladies have been following my blog long enough you will all know I'm pretty lazy when it comes to applying my make up. I always buy products that I would love to add to my routine but the actual application are added steps which I never add without taking something out. Lazy.
Hence my YSL bronzer which I use as a blush bronzer hybrid. I swish my brush between all the shades and sweep it on my cheeks. It looks like a light peach blush for the most part...I never really understood how YSL called this a bronzer with such a tiny brown bit...I've already hit pan on the darkest part of the compact, not sure what I will do when it's gone...

For the eyes I chose this Chanel duo one day because I just apply this on the bus when I go to work. I wanted something small with brushes, which I don't use because I carry my own...but you know, I liked the option! I just sweep the shimmery light shade all over my eyes and that's pretty much it. To apply the brown as a liner on a moving bus is a skill I have yet to master without looking ridiculous at the next red light.

 I finish off the skin with my beloved Fairly Precious highlighter from MAC another limited edition *groan*  I just think  this shade flatters my skin more and looks a bit less obvious than my champagne highlight shades at the moment- I'm just feeling this one, ok? :)

Lips are still with the combo from last month. NARS Isola Bella Satin Lip Pencil with Chanel Genie Gloss to top everything off.

Finishing off with a last note on a least favorite. OOTD attempts...
I have tried, TRIED ladies and all the mirrors I'm around just make everything I wear look so dark - the lack of sun may also be a huge factor but let's cross our fingers that I am able to figure out a way to capture my everyday wear soon.

Until then!
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