Friday, March 28, 2014

Burberry's Almond-The Workhorse

Recently make up has taken a back seat in my life. Not due to a lack of love, but a lack of time.
I wake up about 6:30 am and aim to be on the 7:05 bus. My make up is quick and sometimes pretty non existent. It's just not that important when it's that early in the morning.
After a coffee, I begin to come to my senses and realize I need to make some kind of "effort" 

That's where Burberry's Almond comes in.
My make up bag now carries a few key items that are small in size but pack a punch in terms of usability. 

Within this perfectly packaged compact lays the perfect all over face shade. Yes, that's right, face.

 The color is a neutral brown that can lean warm when applies heavily or if your skin is very fair.

Below is a finger swatch along with brush swatch to show the shade against my current NC20 skin.

Against my skin the shade is perfect for contouring the face, the fact that it's matte is also a huge plus.
Did I mention Burberry's matte formula is spot on? Well, it is.

Armed with my beloved Laura Mercier blending brush-another work horse I -depending on how much I feel like I need- begin to contour.

I begin with my cheekbones, right from the ear to mid jaw, and a bit under the chin. Followed by the remaining powder down the sides of my nose for subtly. I add a bit of the shade to either my lids or my crease, wherever I aim, and where ever the brush lands is more likely. Lastly, if I did leave the house without the brows - rare! I add a bit with an angled brush.

This little shadow is a multi tasking beauty that I find invaluable during hectic mornings. The perfectly beautiful and compact case makes this a very valuable part of my daily routine.

Have you used shadow for other places outside the eyes?


  1. Hi J,

    What a lovely shade! Using an eye shade to contour seems like a great idea if one can find the right shade (seems like you have one here)!

  2. Totally get you when it comes to forgoing makeup in the morning. Many days I'd rather get an extra 15 minutes of sleep rather than wear makeup. Almond looks like the perfect crease contour shade. I still don't have any Burberry makeup but I've been eyeing those gorgeous shades and compacts for awhile. Perhaps I'll reward myself with some Burberry one day :)

  3. Lovely shade! It looks so subtle and great for everyday use! And you're lucky to not need to have to put on makeup in the morning! Your skin is gorgeous! But I understand the thought of wanting to at least make an effort.

  4. I love Almond, although I've only ever used it on my eyes - how boring of me, haha! I love all the different uses you've found for it though. Genius!

  5. i just realized i bought this shade almost a year ago and quite possibly have never used it even though i thought it would be the perfect crease shade. o.O what is wrong with me?? Anyway, i love your suggestions and will be sure to use almond for all the things asap :)

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