Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Favorites

Two months of favorites in a row- this is something new from me!
I realized I've swapped out enough products from my daily routine to do another one of these - different, but so far so good!

I finally paled out enough to use one of the best foundations I have ever tried. My Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation.This was one of the only foundations I have ever tried where I couldn't believe how natural my skin looked post application and walked out the door with it in my shopping bag. I never reviewed it and there is little point now as this formulation is now discontinued. I really want to try the new version with the improved color selection, but until I finish this bottle it will have to wait.
I apply this around my nose, chin, and between my eyes. I spread it around with my Shisiedo foundation brush and it looks natural and non heavy each time.

Before the foundation I have been applying as a primer either Fresh's Twighlight Glow or Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I apply my make up too early in the morning for my skin to look awake- my body is definitely asleep and these products help me look more alive. The Clarins primer is more of a natural sheen and looks like the skin has been revitalized in seconds. The Fresh version is more shimmery but look fabulous in the winter. The Clarins version feels lighter on the skin than the Fresh. If I had to choose between the two, I would repurchase Clarins as it yields a more natural effect.

If you ladies have been following my blog long enough you will all know I'm pretty lazy when it comes to applying my make up. I always buy products that I would love to add to my routine but the actual application are added steps which I never add without taking something out. Lazy.
Hence my YSL bronzer which I use as a blush bronzer hybrid. I swish my brush between all the shades and sweep it on my cheeks. It looks like a light peach blush for the most part...I never really understood how YSL called this a bronzer with such a tiny brown bit...I've already hit pan on the darkest part of the compact, not sure what I will do when it's gone...

For the eyes I chose this Chanel duo one day because I just apply this on the bus when I go to work. I wanted something small with brushes, which I don't use because I carry my own...but you know, I liked the option! I just sweep the shimmery light shade all over my eyes and that's pretty much it. To apply the brown as a liner on a moving bus is a skill I have yet to master without looking ridiculous at the next red light.

 I finish off the skin with my beloved Fairly Precious highlighter from MAC another limited edition *groan*  I just think  this shade flatters my skin more and looks a bit less obvious than my champagne highlight shades at the moment- I'm just feeling this one, ok? :)

Lips are still with the combo from last month. NARS Isola Bella Satin Lip Pencil with Chanel Genie Gloss to top everything off.

Finishing off with a last note on a least favorite. OOTD attempts...
I have tried, TRIED ladies and all the mirrors I'm around just make everything I wear look so dark - the lack of sun may also be a huge factor but let's cross our fingers that I am able to figure out a way to capture my everyday wear soon.

Until then!


  1. great products... and I'm happy to read that they're other girls out there lazy putting make-up on though having cupboards full of make-up products.

  2. this post has just reminded me about the Fresh Twilight Glow I remember seeing years ago that Whitney Port from the hills uses it and always meant to track it down :) thanks for posting about it! X

  3. ahhhh Whitney is the reason I got into Fresh products too! i purchased High Noon glow and went through 2 tubes when i heard she used it as a base, it really gives that Cali girl bronze glow!

  4. yes, its really a shame to have so much but when you have favorites it's nice to give them some love <3

  5. Hi J,
    I love the idea of applying the duo while on the way to work! I wish I was that efficient!

  6. You make that KGD foundation sound so amazing! I think Joyce said that's her HG foundation too. I want to get a sample, but the Sephoras near me don't carry KGD -_- Still want to try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm!

  7. You should do a "Products I've Hit Pan On" post! You seem to have quite a few products showing pan and for some reason I just love reading those types of post. They make me feel vicariously accomplished :p

  8. I love seeing that YSL pan, gives me such a thrill! I want to get my hands on that Shiseido foundation brush, sounds perfect

  9. Just as an fyi, since I read your blog quite often, the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm works the way it does because of the lye ingredient. The flush and rosy glow you get on the skin because of this product is because the potassium hydroxide irritates it. The reason it's promoted so often as a "once in a while" product is because overusage might cause some serious damage.


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