Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Current Foundation Favorites

It's rare for me to love a base. 
I secretly feel whenever I wear a base product daily, my skin starts to need it. Spots begin to form and more product is required. A cycle I avoid like the plague.
Months can go by without me applying a foundation but recently to my total surprise, I found two I am utterly loving.

One drugstore, one high end, but both amazing.

First the Bourjois

Encased in a glass bottle and easy working pump gave this bargain immediate bonus points. Once applied the quality of the base was evident. It melds in the skin, with application of fingers or a brush. It has an obvious fruity fragrance but it dissipates soon after application. The coverage is sheer and the finish is dewy.

In the winter when the complexion can become dull, this serum foundation can bring a jolt of life. 
I've been careful not to apply this daily in fear of a reaction to the scent but so far so good-  
"Thank God!" because this product needs to be in my life.

I wear the shade 53 for my NC 25 skin tone and it seems to match well. I believe this would be a good choice for those in the NC25-30 range. The color choices are admit tingly limited but if you fall into a shade category match, and have been on the fence, I would go for it ;)
It is probably the best drugstore foundation I have used thus far.
Highly recommend.

New to my collection ( VIB sale has got me again) is the Givenchy Photo'Perfexion foundation.

I feel like this product gets little love in the Internet beauty world. Actually Givenchy in general now that I think of it.
I had never even heard of this foundation but I once saw a random video where a woman claimed she had gone through 10 bottles of this foundation and kept returning for more. For some strange reason that always stuck in my head. 10 bottles of the same foundation!? I just couldn't wrap my head on loving something that much -especially a base! I never found anything like that!

I investigated, I sampled quite a few colors but purchased this in shade 5 Perfect Praline. It has less of a yellow tone and more of a neutral base, but seems to match well enough. The shade range was honestly pretty meh...

The consistency of this is thin. Thinner than NARS Sheer Glow and MUFE HD, but ever so slightly thicker than the Bourjois mentioned above which is a serum aka thin foundation.

The coverage achieved will be medium at best and the finish I was told would be satin but seems  more like satin with a glow. With primer, this lasted all day with minimal powder in the morning and just a blot paper for the afternoon.

It felt comfortable, the blend ability was great when applied with a brush, and the finish looked natural and un mask like which I despise.

This foundation also had a slight fragrance but does not linger.

The only real cons I have found is the so-so shade range, and the fact that you do not receive 1 fluid once which seems industry standard, but pay a luxury price tag for less product.

Never the less, the finish, consistency, and longevity are what I was after. The additional 20% off seemed to help the case, but I am very pleased with this new addition.

Swatches: Givenchy on top with more of a neutral under tone, and Bourjois on the bottom with a yellow undertone.

Both blend into my skin well and offer a beautiful finish with a slight glow which I go for.

Two winners in my opinion, and for the next few months, I think I will not be avoiding my bases anymore!

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