Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Favorites

As I get older I am seeing starting to see the limitations I am now facing with beauty.
Skin preservation has become more of an interest of mine, because youth when you reach 30 is a time where you actually see it noticeably fading for the first time. *GROAN*

Calm-ish, but slightly panic stricken I began taking care of my skin again.
I say that as if I stopped, but no.
I went through a phase(4 years...) of skin care simplicity which I still attempt to adhere to because I believe it actually does work, but serums are being re introduced to my night time routine.

I had picked up the La Roche Posay Effeclar Serum long ago.
I recall Tiffany mentioning it in a post ages ago and made a mental note.
I have been using it nearly every night for three months and I have noticed two very important things.
Tighter skin, and clearer skin.

The serum is marketing to be pore refining and anti wrinkle. Both terms sounded good to me, and was the first time I had ever seen a serum claim to do both.
It applies a bit sticky but does feel like serious skin care due to the addition of a pepped!
I plan on trying another serum once this completes, but until then, it has been a lovely addition where I have noticed a difference to my skin due to this added step.

A non pictured favorite - it's empty sorry
Is the Clarins toner for normal-combination skin.
I noticed when using this every night how much more clean my skin feels and seems to absorb my skin care products better.
It's a bit too drying for day time especially with these North East winds, but for night, I find it superior to my day time witch hazel.

Next is the base and make up itself. 
Same philosophy as skin care. Less is more.
People apply make up for different reasons. I applied it to look older funny enough.
Now I finally reached a age where I need to step back, back in time would be preferable, but I accept I just need to change my beauty application because the other option ain't happening.

For base I have been testing the Peter Thomas Roth CC cream. My first CC cream and's just ok...
The actual formula is thick. 
Thicker than I like in base and spreading with the hands leads to streakiness.
You need a buffing brush with this.  
It also offers very little coverage so why is it a favorite?

My skin has improved since using this as my daily base.
This CC cream boasts a list of beneficial ingredients that claim to make your skin better.
After about two months of use I can definitely see my skin is better and improved from this product. It seems a bit brighter and clearer. It may be the vitamin C, it may be the Camu Camu amazonian super fruit they inject in this but I just see the benefits.
Light coverage, thick and claims to be glowy. I actually add in a radiance primer because I personally feel this is as a satin finish. Combine that with winter winds and I reach a semi matte finish which I avoid. 
I usually end up mixing this product with other things to get the coverage and color I desire ( FYI color selection is pretty crap but I wear the newly added shade Light) but the results to my actual skin, not just the make up is noticeable enough where I just want to keep using this!
Added SPF 30 helps the cause when thinking of adding this to my daily base rotation.

I've skipped my beloved bronzers recently because I am just too pale right now to pull them off. Winter has also provided frigid conditions where all powder products are now omitted from my routine, so bring on the cream crusade.

Kjaer Weiss cream blush in Desire Glow has been applied daily to the cheeks as one of those blush/bronzer combo colors where liveliness is added to my face in a shade that looks more of a healthy flush than dolly pink.
On top of the cream blush which I is usually apply with the fingers, is topped with the RMS living lumizer.
I apply this dewy cream above my cheek bone and just under my eyes from past the iris outwards.
I started doing this after watching this video from Rachel and have liked the change to keep going with it.
Sometimes you just gotta try new things.

Since Kjaer Weiss is still not huge on the blogosphere yet and can be a bit hard to find, Laura Mercier's cream blush in praline is in the same family.

Laura Mericer on the left, Kjaer Weis on the left:

Last favorite is Essie's Adore-a-ball.
As the neutral nail lover I constantly rotate through the Essie sheer's and this month it's been all about Adore-a-ball. I actually don't love it on it's own. It is a touch too cool toned and not as shiny of a finish as I prefer so I apply two coats of Adore-a-ball followed by one coat of Mademoiselle.

I may be more steam lined and simple with beauty now a days but with the treasure trove I've collected over the years mixing and matching to find that perfect shade is something I don't think I can ever give up.

Expect a Kjaer Weis blush post in the near future as a final note ;)


  1. I loved that LRP Effaclar Serum so much! Happy to hear it's been working for you too. I'm dying to try more from Kjaer Weiss. They have such beautiful packaging!

  2. Love this post, so many great tips and tricks! Thank you for sharing! Definitely gonna try putting the highlighter just under the eye... first thing in the morning haha excited much? Another great CC cream, which I use, is from Lumene, seen great improvements in my skin, and it gives a beautiful dewy finish! x S.


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