Thursday, March 12, 2015

On My Brain - March 2015

I always feel like my brain is busy.
Outside the normal life of working, working out, and general being, my brain wanders all day.
Here are the things I've thought about non stop and am currently been obsessed with- sharing time!

Le Pain de Quotidien- HOT. CROSS. BUNS.
The other day I walked into LPQ and saw hot crossed buns. 
I've never seen them in person and bought a few. At first bite an addiction was born.
Soft, not too sweet, filled with raisins, and unfortunately seasonal for Easter.
If you would like a treat to have with your morning coffee or a bite when shopping, get these buns!

Clarins Skin Care: Clarins and La Roche Posay are the two skin care brands I am devoted to. The French have taken over my bathroom because with all their products I only see positive results. This photo is not even my whole Clarins collection. My love runs deep, and my wallet opens wide.

Backstreet Freestyle: I try to work out regularly and constantly need new music to help motivate me through the sessions. This song is explicit and to me it's funny what he is saying. The chorus gets me every time and I sing everyday on the bus "Damn I'm amazing" the only line of the song slow enough for me to be in tune with.

Going Out: Winter was brutal but I think it's finally freaking over.
All winter going out took a hiatus because of snow storms, terrible ice, and bitter cold.
We warmed up recently eating delicious Szechuan food and it felt great to go out again.

Irene Kim: I follow so many people on Instagram ( #addicted) but each week I have feeds I go back to over and over again. Irene is a Korean model with ever changing rainbow hair. She boosts a young and free spirit and I love all her instagram videos and personality. A full feed of fashion week, but her's was one of the few I actually paid attention to.

Spring Sneakers: Nothing like new gym gear to get you to go work out. I've decided this spring and summer I want to fill my closet with sneakers of crazy colors. Gym gear is one of the few places you can feel more comfortable buying and wearing items in out there colors, because people know, gym folk like to wear some crazy ****. Makes the workout more fun ;)

Clique by Kanye West: Another workout song. Again explicit so if it's not your thing you can pass, but on repeat for me.

Sonya Esman: The second Instagram feed I can't stop refreshing. A globe trotting model ( I'm sensing a theme...) who posts regular Youtube videos. She has English videos but I enjoy Sony's videos enough to subscribe to her Russian channel. I have NO CLUE what she is saying but she posts there more often where I can get a peek on her worldly adventures.

Hope you enjoyed this mini peek into my brain!
Do feel free to share your current obsessions.


  1. Ive never tried hot crossed buns before! It reminds me of the nursery rhyme hehe. I am obsessed with chocolate bunnies (as you know :X) and a chambray shirt I bought from UD a couple months ago.


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