Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NARS Starscape Blush Review

What can  I say? 
It was love at first site ♥
While strolling the always tempting Sephora aisles I saw this blush, and it was pretty much over.
I immediately turned heart eyed emoji compelled and drawn to this blush.
Feeling gravitated I edged closer to a color that would probably send most women flying the opposite direction, but all I could think was "MINE"
From the latest NARS collection, in collaboration with designer Christopher Kane, I spotted this neon beauty. Not only was the actual blush shade alluring, but the name "Starscape" won me over.  NARS  finally doing something with their normal packaging that gave this the extra push to purchase.
The hot pink lettering- LOVE.

Starscape is described as a neon pink, but the theme of the collection a la Kane is neon's as neutrals.
It may look scary but when swatched and applied, it's wearable, it's beautiful, and nothing to be feared. 

That's the beauty of the shade. The outside looks crazy, but when used, it's so normal, in a good way.

The texture is apparently a revised version of the NARS matte formula. It's not as creamy, nor as soft as the previous make.  It's dry and thin feeling. It's not powdery, but it feels thinner, as if a face powder.

The shade itself is a bright matte pink that seems to have blue undertones. Normally this is not really the blush shade I go for, but this seems to work with my skin tone (surprised, I was!) especially now that I have got a bit of a tan.

I actually prolonged this purchase, and gave myself a pat on the back for it. I tried it on about three times and couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something nudging me to say no. Then I watched Tarababyz haul where she described this as a stain. EUREKA, that's exactly what this blush is like. It's a powder but applies sheerly almost like a cheek stain shade but lacking the sheen.
Something about that description put me over the edge. My love for cream blushes/stains most likely was the cause.

I normally apply this with a powder brush. Something big and fluffy such as this large one from Sonia Kashuk, but for the post, will apply it with both a big powder brush, and proper blush brush for the comparison and pigmentation.

Powder brush first. This is how much I pick up on the brush for one layer of application.
I applied three layers for the comparison.

As you can see, the product applies sheerly. The first time I applied a layer I thought to myself  "Where is the blush??" You begin to see it build up on layer two, but even with three layer's you do not look clownish. 

Blush brush is next. Trish McEvoy for anyone wondering. 

The color was more impactful with the denser brush but again you can see it's sheer, it builds, and develops into a beautiful shade that does not look clownish.

When applied very sheerly I do notice the lasting power fades- mostly due to the fact there is less product, and it does seem to lose it's neon-ness and turns to a neutral pink.
A good solid application (two layers +) in the morning leads to the blush lasting 10+ hours for me with minimal fading.

In the end, I LOVE THIS SHADE.
I recently went on some pink blush obsession and purchased a slew, and skipped this shade thinking I just bought the others. I don't know why this was not first on the list.
With a tan, bronzer, or highlighter -whatever! it looks great. 
I think it's going to be my go to pink blush for summer. I picture this being that perfect pop with those breezy white dresses, and simple make up days.

It will be a struggle for me to steer clear from the collections gorgeous glosses...

Oh yes...
It is a limited edition shade ladies, so if I have spiked some interest, I would highly suggest a swatch in person before they get off the shelves :)

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